sell and invoice online

Sell things, and send digital invoices. Get paid via popular payment gateways.

Tuilder knows more than a few tricks.


Supported Payment Gateways

Right out of the box, Tuilder supports:

  • Braintree Payments
  • Stripe Payments
  • Pin Payments
  • Paypal

Choose the gateway that suits you, and go for gold (literally)!


Email Invoices & Accept Credit Card Payments

Create an invoice from the backend of Tuilder, and email it directly to your customer/client. 

They get taken through a slick checkout process, and pay via the payment gateway you've setup. 

All this occurs directly from your website domain without any redirection. We don't charge any fees, or percentage of sales. Other than what the payment gateway may charge you, all the profit is yours.

Popular online invoicing systems can cost you between $20 - $50 per month, and even more. 

Sounds like a saving to me!


Tight Integration with Australia Post

Your shop integrates live shipping rates from Australia Post. So you never have to worry about how much shipping to charge

Tuilder's shipping calculator is not quite ready to take over the world, but will include more shipping modules soon. If you need a specific shipping carrier please let us know. We'll bend over backwards to get it working for you.

Also included is a free shipping module, and a table rates module based on the weight of products.


Advanced 3d Bin-packing Algorithms

We spent days working on the problem of packing products into optimal boxes based on dimensions and weight. 

What resulted is a smart system which, given any number of odd-shaped produts, can pack them into an automatic, or preset box size. This results in more flexibility and accuracy in postage calculation.


Analytics and Conversion Tracking

It's easy to setup site analytics, and conversion tracking to see how well your Google Adwords campaign is performing, and tune the landing pages that work best.


Meaningful Sales Statistics

Tuilder Shop Statistics

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