The Tuilder Story

anything but ordinary


Tuilder was born out of our desire for something better.

Popular content management and blogging sytems are more painful than they need to be. You’ve got to sift through a plethora of plugins, installing (& sometimes paying for,) the ones you need. Updates must be regularly installed or you get hacked. The whole system can tend to be slow and clunky, difficult to navigate and difficult to customise. Designing professional-looking pages is a challenge, and the code output is often unnecessarily bloated.

We wanted something better. So began Tuilder...

But let’s backtrack.

Down under, in the land of kangaroos and wombats the journey began.

Emmanuel Higgins, the founder of Tuilder fell in love with a furry bundle of cuteness called Matilda. She was the tinest baby wombat you could imagine! 

Wombats are a mammal found only in Australia. They dig extensive burrows beneath the ground, come out to feed at night, and sleep mostly during the day.

Well, Matilda (or Tilly as they called her), grew into a fine adult Wombat. Here are a couple of photos of this cuddly big baby! 


Matilda is now happily living in the wildness bush of Goulburn River National Park, but her legacy lives on. 

When brainstorming a name for the best CMS we know, we thought back to the robust, friendly, cuddly, yet powerful animal of the Australian bush, the wombat. After trying a few variations we settled on Tuilder. 

Neat huh? Well, we thought so too!

But back to business.  Tuilder is the result of over 8 years of experience building websites, with 4 years of direct development and testing.

It started because we wanted to build and manage professional-looking websites with ease, and give our clients the ability to manage their own websites easily. We also needed a platform that could be easily customised and extended, yet was comprehensive enough to have everything most individuals and businesses would need, right out of the box.

We’ve tested user interfaces, refined controls, tightened security and added a stack of automation and time-saving features.

Tuilder has been used on real-world websites for our own clients over the last 4 years and now we think its time to release it into the wild (just like we did with our adorable Matilda)!

Time to start digging, (ahem...) building!

Tuilder Web Services Pty Ltd

6 Giles Rd, Seaham, NSW

+61 468 321 559

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